An analysis of the objective of fairness

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An analysis of the objective of fairness

An analysis of the objective of fairness

A thesaurus should only be used if you have a very good understanding of the language. It is much better to use a dictionary to find the exact meaning of a word. If you use clear and simple language and leave out as many adjectives and adverbs as possible, you will limit the chance of bias entering into your copy.

Once again, if your interviewee accuses someone, you must make it clear that they are the interviewee's words, not your own. For example, if he says that the regime in Tilapia is brutal, attribute the remark to him, either in reported speech or in a quote. Do not allow it to be seen as your own comment.

Remember, one man's regime is another man's government. One man's cabinet is another man's junta. There are also good legal reasons for choosing your words carefully.

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In most countries you can be prosecuted for making false statements about someone which causes them harm. For more details, see Chapter Defamation - what An analysis of the objective of fairness can't do.

You should not blemish a person's name without a special reason, even though what you say is factually correct. There is no need to call a person who kills his daughter "a beast". If he has not been tried it is for the courts to decide his guilt or innocence.

If he has been found guilty, your story will be stronger if you carefully and accurately record the facts without gory details and personal judgments.

It will also keep your reputation as an objective journalist. Compare the following and see which is both more objective and more powerful: At four o'clock on Christmas morning, Manuel Ortez walked quietly into his baby daughter's room and plunged a carving knife five times through the heart of the sleeping child.

In the heavy dark of Christmas morning the fiendish beast Manuel Ortez slunk into his innocent daughter's room and, in a bloody frenzy, hacked the child to death with a gleaming knife.

Predictions There is danger of introducing bias in the tenses which you use when writing. When you describe what is happening or what has happened, it is natural to use present or past tenses.

However, when you use the future tense to predict what you think may happen, remember that this is speculation. It may be well-informed and extremely accurate speculation, but it is not yet a fact. It is safer to use words like "may" and "is expected to" when writing about events yet to come.

If someone says they will do something, quote them as making the promise, do not let it seem that the prediction is yours. The Finance Minister says he will reduce income tax before the end of the year.

The Finance Minister will reduce income tax before the end of the year. Placing the story If you are a sub-editor in a newsroom, you should be fair where you place a story in the paper or bulletin.

Do not let personal feelings interfere with your news judgment. Just because you are strongly opposed to whale hunting, you cannot choose to lead with that and put the story about the Prime Minister's assassination further down if they are both new.

There is no excuse for hiding a story down the page or bulletin simply because you do not like what is said. Your readers or listeners may disagree with you over the order in which you rank stories because they also have special likes and dislikes.

But if you are fair and follow the guidelines of news value, you will be able to defend your news judgment against all sides.

LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL'S DIGEST Any number of factors in deals involving both public and private companies can trigger the need for a fairness opinion.
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Fairness and Solvency Opinions Negotiators open with their subjective, self-satisfying competing positions on an issue.

Journalists usually write under their own name or use a pseudonym a made-up name. A special column called the editorial or leader column is where the paper gives its own opinion on specific topics such as a new foreign policy or a harsh prison sentence. Any commentary column should clearly show that the statements are the personal opinions of the columnist or the opinion of the newspaper itself.

This is normally shown by placing the column in a regular slot on a specific page. The title of the column or the inclusion of the author's by-line usually indicate that the column is that person's own comments.Fairness is the hardest to define, objectivity and impartiality are two sides of the same coin.

If you can be objective and control your personal feelings on an issue, you can also be even-handed in your treatment of all sides. Occasionally an editor will ask people like foreign correspondents or specialist reporters to give an analysis.

Justice is the legal or philosophical theory by which fairness is administered. As with most philosophically-driven disciplines, the concept of justice differs in every early theory of justice was set out by the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his work The vetconnexx.comtes of divine command theory say that justice issues from God.

Objectivity and fairness apply not only to how a reporter writes about an issue but to how he conducts himself in public. A reporter must not only be objective and fair but also convey an image of being objective and fair.

Economic Justice, Fairness and Equality of Opportunity

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Reproduced with permission of European Journal of Law Reform (Kluwer) Vol. 4, No. 4 () Determining the Contractual Intent of Parties under the CISG and Common Law -- A Comparative Analysis. Bruno Zeller[*].

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