College bound coursework recommendations

Back to "Issues in Choice of Undergraduate Programs" A college-bound student on one of the Facebook string forums asked what "things" would an adult who had been through a university program in string performance, recommend. I feel qualified to answer this question; starting at local, state schools, I attended 12 of these programs.

College bound coursework recommendations

Page Content Frequently Asked Questions about Transfer Credit Do I need to be on active duty to have my military training and experience applied toward transfer credit? A university will evaluate all of your military training and experience for consideration of possible transfer credit whether you are on active duty, inactive, retired, or separated from any branch of service, including the National Guard and Reserves.

How do I find out how much credit I will receive for my military experience? You should research transfer policies and explore degree requirements before you enroll. Many colleges will give you an unofficial evaluation of your transfer credits before formal admission.

Some colleges and universities will not make an official decision on transfer credit until after you are enrolled and some may even wait until you have completed a minimum number of courses.

How long do ACE credit recommendations last? ACE military credit recommendations are good for 10 years, unless the course is changed and the service submits it again for a re-review. The correspondence courses offered by the Army currently do not meet the criteria of having a firm identification of the student and a rigid control of test conditions.

If there is no credit recommendation, MCI has not submitted the course for review. Each institution establishes policies on accepting occupational credit recommendations.

College bound coursework recommendations

In some cases, academic institutions will not accept any credit from your ACE occupation credit recommendations. In other cases, the level of the course may be too low.

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For example, ACE credit recommendations have four categories for the level of credit: If your degree requires a level course and the credit recommendation for the course you completed was for a lower level, those credits cannot be applied to your area of concentration.

Why did I not receive credit for my vocational credit recommendations? Some higher education institutions do not accept vocational credit as a matter of policy. Others may not accept this credit if they do not have equivalent courses at the vocational level.

College bound coursework recommendations

Military ACE credit recommendations are the result of an evaluation process that validates formal military training and occupation experiences. Who decides which courses should be evaluated? This request must come from the designated POC or schoolhouse representative.

Each version of a credit recommendation is based on a separate evaluation. If the learning outcomes or curriculum have changed, it is likely that the ACE credit recommendations have changed as well.

The shortened course will probably have a change in learning outcomes and curriculum covered, which will change the ACE credit recommendations.How to write effective college recommendations. Letters of recommendation provide you with the opportunity to convey a student's character and any personal qualities that .

College level dual enrollment coursework (2 or more courses) A postsecondary GPA of or higher in all dual enrollment coursework attempted These predictors, coupled with your GPA, test scores and other potential admission factors are integral to USF's evaluative process for freshman Mission-driven organization representing over 6, of the world’s leading colleges, schools, and other educational organizations.

Time management, note-taking, reading comprehension, essay writing, test taking, active listening, stress management, researching, and memorization are only some of the topics addressed in our study skills for college students College Bound; College Bound Who can apply?

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Provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or mentor. InVEST teachers and. Find colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP scores.

Begin your search by entering the name of the institution below. For the most up-to-date AP credit policy information, be sure to check the institution's website.

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