Essay on superstitions in marathi

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Essay on superstitions in marathi

Meaning of Superstition There are many things in Nature which are beyond human knowledge. We try to understand the mystery of Nature. But there are still many things in the world of Nature which cannot be explained through reasoning. We consider them the wishes of unseen power.

We give fanciful causes for happenings which we cannot explain. There are many natural events which are said to be due to supernatural forces. These beliefs in supernatural forces is known as Superstition. Our logic fails and reasoning does not satisfy us.

Superstition in India In India, the pundits and Sanskritic scholars set some taboos or inhibitions of human behaviour, such as: Carrying eggs, oil and many such articles during journey was regarded as inauspicious. Journeys away from home were strictly codified for the seven days of the week.

These strict rules struck root in the households and were especially so because people were illiterate, unenlightened, orthodox and sometimes dominating. Causes of Superstition Superstition arises from ignorance. It is a child of fear as well.

Superstition is generally a legacy of our ancient civilization. But it is strange that the advancement of science and modern education can not eradicate superstition. An ignorant man cannot understand the cause of lighting and thunder. He invents an imaginary explanation for the happening.

He thinks that some unseen power is behind these natural events. There are people who believe in ghosts and spirits. They also believe in witch-craft.

They think that the power of mantras controls everything. So ignorance is the cause of superstition. Most of us are superstitious in some way or the other.

It, sometimes, survives even in scholars and learned persons. People are not able to overcome the traditional snag of the past. Common Superstitions Today we have learnt the scientific explanations for many natural events. But we are yet not free from the chains of superstitions.

If somebody sneezes, we take it as a sign of something unfavorable. If we are going somewhere and a cat moves across the road, we become upset. We lose our confidence.

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We begin to pray to God for a safe journey. Thus we are always afraid of unseen forces.Home ›› Hindi ›› Essay ›› Blind Faith ›› Superstition ›› Essay on Superstition Related Articles: विज्ञान एवं अंधविश्वास पर निबन्ध | Essay on Science and Superstitions in Hindi.

superstition essaysA superstition is an irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious, especially in connection with religion. To my mind, being too superstitious is opposite of being materialistic and realistic. It.

Essay on superstitions in marathi

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Essay on superstitions in marathi

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