Hsm 260 exercise 10 2

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Hsm 260 exercise 10 2

Custom built to order, specs will vary. When it really comes down to it, there are not a lot of new revolutionary developments that come along in the rifle building world.

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But a decade or so ago, the development of carbon fiber barrels came to rifles. While they were a novelty for a while, they never really took off. Rifle makers like Christensen Arms have been building them for a while now and continue to do so.

Their light weight rifles do attract some followers and they continue to produce them. But have you ever wondered what would happen if a dedicated long range precision rifle builder decided to build a tactical Hsm 260 exercise 10 2 using light weight carbon fiber barrels?

If it was built with the focus on being light weight, and then used top notch components to make it a top of the line rifle, it might be something special.

This was an opportunity we could not pass up and we are grateful we had the opportunity. The thing that sets apart the PROOF Research rifles is their carbon fiber barrels and the overall lightness of the rifle.

When a shooter first handles the rifle, it is surprising that it is several pounds lighter than an equivalent rifle with a traditional steel barrel. The overall appearance looks similar to other tactical rifles until you look closely at the barrel and notice the carbon fiber material that the barrel is made with.

At the rear of the stock is a Pachmayr decelerator pad to help absorb some of the recoil which will be more pronounced with a lighter weight rifle. The stock is not adjustable for length of pull but it does have a nice adjustable cheekpiece to allow adjusting the height of the cheekweld to perfectly align with the scope.

There is just a single knob used to loosen and tighten the cheekpiece and it worked well. Most stocks with an adjustable cheekpiece have two knobs to loosen, so the single knob is a bit different.

There may be some concern about the single knob working loose during firing, but we did not have any problems with it during our testing and having only a single knob to work with made adjustments quick and easy.

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It is also placed toward the rear of the butt-stock which made it easy to reach while behind the rifle. The texture on the cheekpiece is rough enough to provide a good cheekweld without your skin slipping.

Proof Reseach calls the texture is called Green Granite and it can best be described as a speckled texture that uses olive drab green and black. As is common on custom built rifles, there are many available colors and patterns for the stock.

The Green Granite is not a camouflage pattern, but it does provide a good base color for concealment. During hot and sweaty conditions and with facepaint on, a shooter may run into some issues with a slippery cheekweld, but overall, the texture provides a nice gripping surface.

We did notice through our testing that the painted finish was not as durable as other painted finishes found on other stocks like HS Precision or McMillan.

Hsm 260 exercise 10 2

Little nicks and scratches were present even on the new rifle with only gentle use.5" X 5" high gloss metal with magnet on the back.

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